PV Solar Farming Initiative (PVSFI)

Please support the Photovoltaic Solar Farming Initiative (PVSFI)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could use our own inner city commercial, suburbia and residential production of photo-voltaic power to provide more electric power for ourselves – GRID FREE, and if “we” desire, sell back to the power companies through their own grid (power lines above and below), and get paid the same tariffs (monetary kickbacks from the power companies and the U.S. government) that these very big megawatt boys do out in the desert or anywhere in the U.S.?

In other countries across the globe, home owners and small to large commercial companies are given/handed monetary tariff’s that are 3 to 4 times more of the amount of what AB 920 (Net Metering – look it up) offers to you – the average single family home owner or your corner store small business owner (20 employees or less) in the United States. You actually only get pennies out of a dollar or in most cases 3 to 4 cents on the dollar per kilowatt/1,000 watts per hour, while these larger “government contracted” megawatt facilities get far more pre kilowatt hour – on the dollar for their produced watt energy that is sent back into The Grid(Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric). So, why continue on with the giant costs of installing huge megawatt projects for godly amounts of money out in our beautiful high deserts that is pissing off the Indians, disturbing wildlife, and taking up godly amounts of space, when it could and still can be easily done on your roof or your neighbors rooftop etc. in high populated and industrial areas in a city that has millions of square foot roof and land space?

Answer: Contracts equal money, banks loan money, and legislators, judiciaries, and executives get their campaign financing/support, and all that are in this loop – line their pockets with money, but not the average guy living in the suburbs or that small corner dry cleaning store down the street.

Could you just imagine the huge turbo boosting of jobs, goods & services, and commerce almost overnight if people knew they would be paid more or the same as what these other DRCEP projects are being paid? Here’s an interesting facet of the German renewable energy saga: 51% of all renewable energy in Germany is owned by individual citizens or farms, totaling $100 billion worth of private investment in clean energy and it’s growing for the home owner, the small corner business man, and some of the larger corporations as well, but everyone gets a piece of the pie.

Heck, right now power companies are still installing what they call smart meters that regulate that information of power flow via wireless connection – meaning the technology has always been there to give the “power to the people,” but they chose to build high contractual dollar megawatt projects in the high deserts anyway. Basically, this could be you – on you home, instead of them and this could have been the way to create thousands of jobs, and a way to dig us and possibly our country out of its current jobs recession. Besides all the many reasons why renewable energy needs to be re-configured, re-systematized, re-appropriated, and hopefully truly provided for John Average Man on the Street/housing track.

BTW, there is no PVSFI/Photovoltaic Solar Farming Initiative, but I think I have somebodies attention.  Yah-see, the smaller solar contractors, installers, suppliers and manufactures across this state and country will be and are losing a great selling option when all the REC’s incentive rebates have been gobbled up by these big megawatt facilities.  These giant mega what projects gobbled up millions in subsidies and left nothing for your 3 bedroom 2 bath home or condo.

Sir or Mam, my goal isn’t about blowing any whistles or calling fouls, because there may not be any real law(s) broken here as set forth by legislators. Our only true goal is to make sure that the public understands why they were not given the same or remotely close opportunities to receive tariffs or basically the larger kick-backs from power companies that these big megawatt companies were able to and are receiving.

Here are some current mega-high dollar megawatt farm locations that are either producing, under construction, or in permit and/or licensing stages: Calico Solar San Bernardino County, 850 MW (Mega Watts) Abengoa Near Harper Dry Lake 250 MW  Palen/ (Solar Millennium) Palen Solar Power Project 484 MW Blythe About 2 miles north of Interstate 10 and 8 miles west of Blythe in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. 1,000 MW.  Ridgecrest On BLM lands immediately south of U.S. 395, 250 MW Imperial Valley About 100 miles east of San Diego, 750 mw Ivanpah The Mojave Desert, near the Nevada border, 392 MW Genesis 25 miles west of Blythe in an undeveloped area of the Sonoran Desert, 250 MW Beacon Solar 9 In Eastern Kern County on the western edge of the Mojave Desert along the California State Route 14 corridor, 250 MW Rice Solar On private property surrounded by federally managed lands in eastern Riverside County adjacent to State Route 62. 150 MW San Joaquin In Fresno County in the southern San Joaquin Valley, 107 MWRio Mesa Solar Electric Generating Facility (SEGF)Coalinga Chevron/Brightsource Solar-to-Steam Demonstration FacilityHidden Hills Solar Electric Generating System (SEGS)

Let us all agree that if we/Californians are going to be the true leaders in renewable energy, than it’s got to be a total team or family effort – nobody gets left behind. So, let’s not just allow the big corporations getting the surplus of pretty much everything green and destroying our lands/environment in the process. Let’s include all of us!

Thank you for your valuable time,

James Kaimilani Young